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 Breeders Assistant HTML Pedigree
Pedigree Of Heart'nsoul's Sexy N I Know It
VarietyChocolate (cc)
Breeder/OwnerCaitlin Winn
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
Champion Heart'nsoul's Natowetay
Chocolate (cc)
Prairiecat Ultra Violet Ray
Lilac (cc)
Prairiecat Ben J.
Black (cc)
GC Playwickey's Cabot Lodge
Red Mackerel Tabby (cc)
Stachys Shannelle of Prairiecat
Chocolate Point
GC Kutzikoo Cocabean of Prairiecat
Chocolate (cc)
Cubic Zirconia Texas Cowboy
Chocolate (cc)
Kutzikoo Lavender Sunset
Lilac Point
Dainty Charm's Luvy of Heart'nsoul
Tortie-Lynx Point
Strelets Russian Souvenir
Flame-Lynx Point
Brigantina's April Line
Seal-Lynx Point
Gelina's Kantata
Tortie Point
Stepp'nstone Polyne of Dainty Charm
Seal Point
Ma-Lia Katz Rockey of Stepp'nstone
Seal Point
CH Stepp'nstone's Viva
Seal Point
Chamagoura's Dream of Heart'nsoul
Lilac (cc)
Champion Fur Pleasure's Cody of Chamagoura
Lilac (cc)
GC & RW Fur Pleasure's Lucky Boba Fett
Lilac (cc)
CH Foxy Blues Brother of Fur Pleasure
Blue (cc)
GC Fur Pleasure's Lucky, DM
Lilac-Cream (cc)
CH Fur Pleasure's Lalique
Lilac (cc)
CH Purelee's Ka-Bluee! of Fur Pleasure
Blue (cc)
Lilas Mauve of Decur
Lilac Point
Grand Champion Chamagoura In Your Face
Lilac (cc)
CH Lake Hyco Sirlancelot of Chamagoura
Lilac Point
GC Lake Hyco Brown Thrasher of Dreamz
Chocolate (cc)
CH Lake Hyco Dark Crystal
Seal Point
Chamagoura's Keebler Kisses
Blue (cc)
CH Fur Pleasure's Cody of Chamagoura
Lilac (cc)
Faithful Eva Success of Chamagoura
Copper-Eyed White (cc)
Produced using Breeders Assistant for Cats Pedigree Software (tel: +44 1223 290291), Personal Edition licensed to Caitlin Winn.


August 31st, 2021